Trillions of Shiba Inu (SHIB) Left Whales’ Bags on Shibarium Release Day

In accordance with vBlock, the number of Shiba Inu tokens held by whales dropped by 10 trillion on March 11, the day that Shibarium’s long-awaited public beta, PuppyNet, was released. At the moment, the largest token holders own 250.66 trillion SHIB, not counting the dead address required for burning. It is reported that the largest token holders, 14 of them, currently own 250.66 trillion SHIB, which is 25.5% of the initial supply and 45.57% of the current amount, excluding the record address.

However, not everything is as simple as when the bags of slightly smaller, but still large investors were filled with the same figure. This category, according to IntoTheBlock, includes 40 addresses, which now own 12.36%, which is equivalent to 121.52 trillion SHIB. Interestingly, these investors started Monday with a book value of 123.16 trillion SHIB, then they emptied a portion in the middle of the week, and on March 11 they bought back 10 trillion Shiba Inu tokens.

Regular crypto enthusiasts, commonly referred to as retail investors, welcomed the Shibarium beta with fewer Shiba Inu tokens than the day before, namely 230 billion less. At the moment, this is the second largest group of SHIB holders with a total balance of 200.7 trillion tokens.

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