Web3 platform partners with self-custody wallet to broaden crypto adoption in Africa

Cassava Network, an African Web3 platform focused on NFTs, games and loyalty rewards, launched The third version of the platform, with integration with the non-custodial Unipass smart contract wallet, allows users to use email addresses instead of passphrase and gas.

To take Africans from Web2 to Web3, the partnership allows users who create Cassava accounts to automatically register with UniPass and have access to store, send, and receive digital assets online across multiple EVM blockchains.

In an interview with Cryptooshala, Benjamin Obenze, business developer for Cassava Network, explained how African users and businesses can use the new version to enter the Web3 space.

“With Cassava V3, we’ve made it easier for African users to interact with their favorite Web2 and Web3 brands. When users interact with these brands, they earn both CB Coins and other in-network rewards specified by the partners.”

Obenze added that although CB Coins, the reward tokens used on the network, currently exist off the network, users will soon be able to exchange them for assets on the network. The CB can then be used to buy things like concert tickets and mystery boxes on the platform.

Regarding the use of Cassava V3 for business, Obenze said, “Cassava V3 provides a channel through which partners can expand their African market.” Business brands that partner with Cassava Network can also create communities online using the new Community feature to gain attention and followers across platforms by creating tasks for users to participate and earn rewards.

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During an interview with Muluku Sanoh, co-founder of Cassava Network, he explained how the new version could improve business economics in Africa. Sanoh said, “Cassava V3 serves as a bridge for global Web3 companies to connect with African Web2 users.” Sanoh also mentioned that at the moment 90% of the partners using the community feature in Cassava V3 are African enterprises.

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