On the fourth day of the World Economic Forum 2022, presentations of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took place, where speakers shared their views on NFT use cases and implementations.

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At the Blockchain Hub in Davos, speakers Veritic CEO Stefan Holzer and Seal Storage Technology CEO Alex Altman talked about the importance of NFTs, their role in society, and how the community can focus on the use of this technology.

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In his lecture, Holzer argued that making NFTs easier to access could speed up mainstream adoption. According to the CEO of Veritic, mining in more secure environments and storing NFTs is “the missing piece for mainstream adoption.” He explained that:

“We want to tap into the next billion, and that requires holding NFTs. And I personally believe that the potential of NFTS could potentially be greater than the cryptocurrency itself.”

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Holzer noted that providing novice users with a more familiar interface and storage services where users don’t have to set up their own wallets could be a “game changer” for the entire market.

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In addition to Holzer, Alex Altman, CEO of Seal Storage Technology, spoke about NFT use cases in his keynote. He gave various examples of how NFTs can improve the current state of affairs in real estate and gaming. He said that:

“There is absolutely no reason why a house deed cannot be a unique digital asset, as long as that asset is created and stored in the right way. Given the fact that NFT is absolutely unique, this asset can also be transferred very easily.”

Altman also pointed out that many spend hundreds of hours playing and developing characters in their games, and this ends up with the player simply exiting the game, and after that, all acquired assets “disappear into the air.” Altman said that with NFT, people can “evolve this asset and turn it into a real piece of data that you can move, transfer and monetize.”

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In a panel discussion on equality, Meta VP Nicola Mendelsohn mentioned that there is a possibility that the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a woman. Not ruling out this possibility, Cryptooshala Editor-in-Chief Cristina Lucrezia Corner shared her opinion that the creator of BTC is a group of both genders, not one person.

In an interview with Cryptooshala, Polkadot (DOT) founder Gavin Wood emphasized that Web3 has gone beyond just cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. He explained that the term also refers to many new types of services that Web2 cannot provide.