What is the mantra (Om)?


An OMniverse is built on top of MANTRA nodes, which are the cornerstone of its vertically integrated stack. The primary function of node operations is to provide yield-earning opportunities across multiple blockchains to generate revenue for the business and increase the holdings of the Sherpa community. Additionally, these validator nodes help MANTRA to expand its presence on new and emerging blockchain networks and grow its ecosystem into a larger institution. Furthermore, it opens up opportunities for MANTRA to expand its multi-chain DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, MANTRA offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which allows institutions and individuals to operate validator nodes. As part of the MANTRA Nodes service line, we offer node management, retail staking (both on-chain and off-chain), institutional nodes, and cloud/white-label node development and deployment.

The Cosmos ecosystem uses the MANTRA chain protocol. Using the IBC module, it is interoperable with other blockchains in Cosmos and allows developers to build everything from games and web applications to secure and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Additionally, the network is EVM-compatible, offering the flexibility and reliability of both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. All KYC and AML requirements are also handled by Mantra Chain’s powerful Decentralized Identity (DID) module. By using enhanced features and ecosystem, the module facilitates the development of products.

Transparent governance is the core that unites the community of MANTRA at every level since its inception. As part of its mission to reach a wider community than OMniverse and Sherpas, M DAO seeks to bring its narrative and structure to other projects and protocols. Stack services are designed to increase the efficiency of a DAO’s various business functions, from finance to human resources. These solutions include treasury management, DAO issuance, Launchpad, governance and grants, DAO staking, and DAO decentralization.

In regards to the successful DAO partnership, HeliSwap has become the first DEX and DAO on the Hedera network, and Zenstar the first substrate-based money-market on Polkadot built on the Astar network. MANTRA is committed to creating a safe, secure and personalized ecosystem for its users, but the crypto industry is not without its risks. The services of OMniverse can be better understood by getting familiar with the infrastructure of MANTRA.

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