Why are artificial intelligence tokens going parabolic? Watch Market Talks live

In this week’s edition of Market Talks, Cryptooshala welcomes Average Joe Cryptocurrency, research analyst and writer. He runs his own blog where he talks about everything related to crypto, Web3 and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Without wasting time, we’ll jump right into why artificial intelligence (AI) tokens are getting parabolic lately. Why did tokens that use artificial intelligence in some way survive their moment in the sun and is this a trend that will continue into the future, or is it just a passing fad?

There have been several memcoins recently, which have also been growing. We take a look at why this is the case and which memecoins you should be on the lookout for.

There was a sense of newfound euphoria in the market as we saw consistent green candles across the board. It has also led to many influencers spamming low-cap coins on Twitter, which work surprisingly well, but what should you do about this current mood, and will it be short-lived?

It is difficult for some people in the crypto space to look away from everything that is happening in the market and take a step back to look at events happening outside of crypto. We’ll take a look at what some of these events might be, and whether you should pay attention to them.

Even though the first month of 2023 is over, this year still has a lot to offer. We will look at some forecasts for the year and rate them on a “low, medium, and high” scale to determine the likelihood that each forecast will come true. One of the main events of this year is the unblocking of the air. We will discuss how this will play out and who will be able to benefit from the liquid Ether (ETH) derivatives market.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end to get all this information and more. Cryptooshala will also be taking your questions and comments throughout the show, so be sure to get them ready to go.

Market Talks are broadcast every Thursday at 12:00 pm ET (5:00 pm UTC). Every week it features interviews with some of the most influential and inspiring people in the crypto and blockchain industry. So be sure to go to Cryptooshala YouTube Page and hit the “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons for all our future videos and updates.

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