Worldwide Webb founder explains the role interoperability will play in Web3 ecosystems

In the last episode NFT SteezThomas Webb, founder of Worldwide Webb, an interoperable avatar game, discusses integrating interoperability into Web3 and the Metaverse.

By definition, interoperability is a Web3 feature that allows a product or system to work seamlessly across platforms with other products or services. Webb defines interoperability simply as “the creation of a token – a non-fungible token (NFT)” because, at its most basic level, no one can control it except the creator.

But how does web3 interoperability currently work, and what is its potential impact?

Doing interoperability the “right” way

Discussing how collaborative applications can have a profound impact, Webb described the creativity he saw in NFT communities and brands.

Whether it’s “creating a product, creating an idea, or creating an experience,” Webb believes that the ability to create intellectual property (IP) allows users to demonstrate their loyalty and other ways to achieve.

Interoperability also works in tandem with the token gate, Webb says. Essentially, users can get closer to the authentic experience by using the token they hold as a pass to attend events and earn privileges.

This integration allows brands to cross-collaborate, reach out to their users, and add value, or as Webb puts it, “infinite value.”

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Interoperability will be limitless

“Interoperability can be the foundation of everything,” Webb said when asked about the sectors that interoperability could seep into.

More transparent and data-driven platforms will lead to more collaboration and collaboration between tech companies, Webb said. Ultimately, Webb believes the concept of interoperability will impact e-commerce, creative experiences, and even concepts like identity and sovereignty.

However, even with interoperability as a cornerstone of Web3, Webb still expressed the inevitable risks and challenges involved in creating a standard suitable for all countries.

The presence of centralized regulators may still hold back experimentation and growth, Webb said.

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