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You can now inflict “9999 emotional damage” on Dogecoin fudsters using Dogepedia

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Product Lead at Dogecoin Foundation Timothy Stebbing announced a new tool in the “war against Dogecoin FUD” – Dogepedia.

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Stebbing’s recommended action when faced with fear, uncertainty, and doubt is to direct the scammer to Dogepedia and inflict “9999 emotional damage” on the guilty party.

Dogecoin Foundation releases Dogepedia

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Dogepedia is a comprehensive directory of everything related to Dogecoin, including guides and FAQs. But, unlike Wikipedia, the content is not created by users and cannot be edited by anyone, which can be helpful in keeping the content correct.

“Dogepedia is a resource containing documentation, guides, FAQs, and resources related to Dogecoin. A place for anyone trying to learn about Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies. Such knowledge! Wow!

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The sections listed include Dogecoin basics, wallets, using your DOGE, the community and ecosystem, running nodes, mining, development, how-to’s, as well as FAQs and FUD. Each section contains several links to further expand on the topic.

Interestingly, the FAQ and FUD section addressed several criticisms of the meme coin, including that it is a joke, lack of utility, and lack of a hard cap. About Dogecoin being a joke, Dogepedia stated:

“Even though Dogecoin originated as a joke, more and more people are beginning to realize the utilitarian value of Dogecoin as a legitimate, efficient, and functional currency.”

How to participate

While the currently available content covers the most frequently asked questions, Stebbing acknowledged that Dogepedia is under development and requires community input.

He said that community members can contact the developer @inevitable360 and node operator @mishabor contribute to articles or chat about Dogecoin. While not a “perfect” system for creating a content catalog, Stebbing noted that it is currently the best way to get input from the community.

“We know it’s not perfect (yet!) but we hope it will be a resource that the entire community can use. #CONSTRUCTION and use.

Meanwhile, on June 18, DOGE formed a local bottom at $0.0489. This zone represents a strong support level that has bounced off this level on the previous two recent occasions.

Since then, a relatively sideways pattern has played out, with the $0.0788 price level proving tough resistance to the breakout. At this stage, the accompanying volume was flat.

On Wednesday, the price rose 9% to close at $0.0674. There is continued buying today as DOGE looks to retest $0.07.

dogecoin daily chart
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