Chris Laurent, founder of the popular digital racing game ZED RUN, envisions a future where people will spend their free time creating their own unique stories in the Metaverse.

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He believes that this virtual world will contain a mixture of games, entertainment and social experiences under an overarching storyline.

“My perception of the metaverse is not just a meeting [of people]it’s coming home after work and not turning on Netflix, but watching what’s going on with you and your friends in some flexible storyline.”

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The founder of ZED RUN spoke to Cryptooshala following the launch of his first Metaverse platform, Human Park, on June 13th. It features fully customizable user avatars and an aesthetically pleasing 3D world built using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, the same platform found in top gaming titles like Fortnite and Borderlands.

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In a launch day interview, Laurent and his team at Virtually Human Studio (VHS Labs), including Human Park executive producer Steven Na and Rick Pierce at Specter Studios, stressed that Human Park differs from other Metaverse projects in that it focuses on story. telling, not just immersing users in a three-dimensional world, so that they wander aimlessly.

“We are storytellers at heart, which is why we are here to empower players to tell their own stories. As such, we believe we will change the way people interact and express themselves in this new internet that we are all building,” said Pierce, co-founder and creative director of Specter Studios.

Steven Na told Cryptooshala that they don’t want to build a platform that restricts users to certain gaming experiences.

“We really want to give users the ability to tell their own story in the metaverse, so we don’t want to be tyrannical and say, ‘Hey, you’re going to play an RPG and this is the metaverse, or you’re going to play a sandbox and this is the metaverse.’

Laurent added that Metaverse will offer “many different types of games, entertainment and social environments.”

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“Just like you would look at something like Roblox or Minecraft or even Fortnite where it’s almost like a social platform,” he added.

When asked if companies like Meta and Microsoft’s plans for the Metaverse will come to fruition, such as virtual reality work meetings or entire businesses operating outside of the virtual world, Laurent said he believes anything is possible in this world. scene.

“[In regards to] experiments that some of these larger beings are doing, obviously they’re doing it for a reason and we can’t ignore it, so our theory is that strange things will happen in space.”

The launch of Human Park on June 13 was accompanied by the release of the first themed release. Season Zero, a retro cyberpunk world, will be accompanied by time-limited NFT themes. The game is free to access, with additional game modes accessed via custom NFT avatars and wearables.